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Annual Rule of Law Report Report for Greece – 2021
13 • 09 • 2022

The first rule of law monitor in Greece is already one year old and comprises more than 170 reports!

A society can not be deemed to live under the rule of law when the political system is not held accountable for its actions. A distinct example of a recent threat to the rule of law in Greece is the government’s handling of the issue of communications privacy. #surveillance 

Some of the most serious cases we have collated include: 

  • The expansion of the definition of the crime of spreading false news threatening press freedom
  • Lack of transparency in state funding of media outlets 
  • Censorship at the public broadcaster, ERT 
  • Bans on public assembly
  • Breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
  • Excessive use of force by police authorities
  • The refoulement, or unlawful return, of asylum seekers 
  • The surveillance of journalists and politicians

Govwatch’s findings for 2021 at a glance:

For 2021, in the “Legislative Process & Government Oversight” category, Govwatch recorded a total of 120 breaches.

In the “Corruption” category, Govwatch found 7 cases.

In the category “Law and Order”, Govwatch collected 26 reports.

For the category “Fundamental Rights”, Govwatch collated 22 violations.

Adherence to and respect for the principles of the rule of law is something that affects us all.

In our struggle to uphold these principles, and to hold our government to account, we need you as allies.

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