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Christiana Stilianidou 04 • 04 • 2023
Independent Authorities
Report Failure to advertise a competition to fill the post of the Governor of the National…
Anna Kanellopoulou 28 • 01 • 2023
Independent Authorities Excessive Surveillance
Report European Parliament Committee urges Greece to restore the full independence of the judiciary and oversight…
Thodoris Chondrogiannos 25 • 05 • 2022
Independent Authorities Excessive Surveillance
Report Questions raised by government`s choice of agency to lead investigation into the surveillance of journalist
Thodoris Chondrogiannos 10 • 04 • 2022
Independent Authorities Penal System
Report Excessively long retention of fingerprints by the Hellenic Police
Christiana Stilianidou 04 • 11 • 2021
Decision Making Transparency Independent Authorities Legislative Procedure Parliamentary Openness & Transparency Excessive Surveillance
Report Legislative amendment prohibits informing a citizen that the confidentiality of their communications has been removed
Thodoris Chondrogiannos 31 • 10 • 2021
Independent Authorities
Report Allegations and doubts around the objectivity and independence of the National Council for Radio and…
Thodoris Chondrogiannos 15 • 10 • 2021
Independent Authorities
Report Public authorities violate their legal obligation to assist the Ombudsman in investigating water pollution
Christiana Stilianidou 15 • 10 • 2021
Independent Authorities Legislative Procedure Public Procurement
Report An exceptional procurement procedure and the “disappearing” negative opinion from the Hellenic Single Public Procurement…
Christiana Stilianidou 28 • 07 • 2021
Independent Authorities
Report Changes made to the candidate profile and appointment method of the President of the Anti-Money…
Christiana Stilianidou 27 • 05 • 2021
Independent Authorities
Report Critique surrounds elections of the new leadership of ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection)
Christiana Stilianidou 17 • 04 • 2021
Independent Authorities
Report Article 70 of law 4795/2021 and the amendment of the provisions for the term of…
Christiana Stilianidou 10 • 09 • 2019
Concentration & Abuse of Power Independent Authorities
Report Legislative provision of retroactive incompatibility clauses removes serving members of the Competition Commission